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Jonathan Musere

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My day includes random and systematic websurfing. I hope that my fellow earthlings would go beyond the Google web pages, into the news and book archives...many are magnified and free. My favorite sites include,,,,,,,,,,; and news, sports, science, and health, odd news articles on Yahoo. As is commonly known about this Los Angeles setting, life can be stranger and more spectacular than fiction. The beauty of television (and web surfing, inter alia) is the freedom and pleasure of watching and learning from what you do not have to sit besides. I am a fan of prison chronicles, biographies, nature documentaries, college and many other sports; channels like National Geographic, History Channel, Versus, and Spike are fascinating. I like to delve deeply into what I am passionate about and offer connections. A piece is hardly worthwhile if the writing or the weaving is not new or unique. I am not a fan of mediocrity though we are obligated to deal with characters and aspects of that, all our lives, including our very own mediocrity. Sophisticated and exaggerated gadgetry such as IPads rarely have a place in my soul (but adaptation is inevitable). I also heavily gravitate to the nonfictional aspects of life and writing, although we know that there are elements and shadows of truth in fiction; instead of ignoring either truth or tale, the challenge is to balance and to read value in what is in either. My fiction reading record is unimpressive. I am barely fascinated by the Hollywood scenery and imitation; but I am an avid fan of the Springer...I love to learn about abnormal reality--from the safety of home. I like venturing back into my youthfulness and pulling out characters that I have admired. I like to delve into the African languages/cultures that have been part and parcel of me. Learning is a continuous processes...all that one comes across and interacts with, whether positively or seemingly negatively, is an opportunity to learn and to teach. My superfoods include extra virgin olive oil, walnuts, apples, dried cranberries and plums, sardines, Alaska wild salmon, tuna, potatoes, carrots, tomato paste, tea, pineapples, and lentils. Favorite exercise is walking, I toss in some weights, yoga, and push-ups--a personal domestic exercise regimen developed over the years.

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While Amos Omolo was Uganda's most renowned track star of the 1960's, John Akii-Bua was in turn Uganda's most significant track athlete of the 1970's. Akii-Bua's athletic prowess was discovered

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Justin Arop is still the only track and field athlete to ever represent Uganda at three Olympic venues. Born on March 24th 1958 in the Acholi region of northern Uganda, Arop was 22 years old when he

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