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John Garret

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Hey hey hey!John is a well respected blogger and dating expert but isn't half as funny as he thinks he is.

John has a weakness, he likes to poke fun at Megan Fox... not because she is so pretty mind you, but rather she doesn't seem to have a filter between her thoughts and what comes out of her mouth.

However, his most feverent hope is that Megan Fox never... EVER reads his blog... because she might send that crying Britney Spears guy after him... "Leave Megan alone! She is human!"

Anyway, be sure to check out his blog... his weekly posts are pretty funny, informative and as always... controversial.

And don't forget to sign up for his FREE fantastic dating tips newsletter and get 2 FREE super bonuses when you are there too!

Please tell me that you are not still sitting there reading this bio! Don't just go to John's website... Go to his website RIGHT NOW!!! :)

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