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Nelie C Johnson

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"Why do people get sick?" How can they heal?"

These were questions Dr. Nelie Johnson, a practicing family physician in Maple Ridge, B.C., began asking herself early in her career, some 20 years ago. Despite the many strengths of Western Medicine, it did not offer enough answers and Dr. Johnson began seeking for them elsewhere.

After extensive exploration and research, she discovered her true calling as a facilitator for healing by helping others to move past their initial fear and despair to a position of empowerment as their own healer.

Nelie believes that the natural response of the body towards any illness is to heal. What inhibits healing is fear, unresolved emotional trauma and associated misperceptions and beliefs. She provides her clients with tools, guidance and support to help them uncover the root causes of their dis-ease so that these may be released and let go, allowing the body's natural healing to take place.

As a result of years of experience and study, Nelie knows the untapped potential for healing-at whatever level-is enormous. The key is to understand the link between emotional distress and disease.

Since 1991 Nelie has trained extensively in various alternative modes of healing and has been sharing this knowledge in group seminars and workshops as well as in private consultations to help others in their healing journeys.

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Multiple sclerosis has been much in the news in the last 2 years, ever since an Italian, Dr. Zamboni, discovered an anomaly in the venous drainage from the brain and spinal cord in a group of 65 MS

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