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Tom Copeland

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I began my pursuit of financial literacy at a very young age, and like many others, learned the do's and don'ts of money at the unrelenting mercy of trial and error. At just thirteen years old, I began working as a bus boy at a small Italian restaurant down the street from my parent's house. From that first day of wiping down tables and taking out rotting, overflowing trash on, I squandered nearly every paycheck I ever earned.

But all that has changed.

I'm a financial journalist and first-time investor who created, an interactive blog and content generation and management service for small to medium-sized businesses of all industries. In my (off?) time, I'm a full-time student finishing a bachelor's degree in finance at the University of Florida. The plans are to attain an MBA and launch a career with an investment banking, hedge fund, or private equity firm.

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Understanding the chemistry that fuels stock market bubbles is a difficult and complex study that even risk aversion professionals have a hard time grasping. So I wondered, is there any chance that

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