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Valencia Ray, MD

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Valencia Ray M.D. teaches business owners and professionals how their amazing brain hijacks personal power to improve their relationship, entrepreneurial and work/life balance skills. Dr. Ray, a board-certified eye surgeon and medical business owner for over 20 years before selling her practice, shares her own life changing process. By sharing her story, she helps others to expand their vision and learn that by living with purpose and confidence, it is possible to have a more integrated, healthier lifestyle - with less overwhelm, more inner peace and more success.

For more information and to contact Valencia regarding her dynamic, inspirational keynotes, trainings in collaborative leadership and team building, entrepreneurship and coaching programs, visit her website.

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Reaching true potential is easier said than done. We've conditioned our brain and mind to trust outside of our self. Once I garnered the courage to color outside the boundaries of what I was informed

Self Improvement> Empowerment l 2 years ago

Have you ever heard the old adage, "If it was a snake it would have bit me?" (meaning what you were looking for was right in front of you, but you did not see it). It is not just a matter of what you

Business > Innovation l 2 years ago

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