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Dale Preece-Kelly

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Dale Preece-Kelly is an established author of many articles on a wide variety of subjects. Self help & Positivity (he is considered by many to be a role model for living life in a positive and dynamic way), Inspiration, Reviews, Health Issues, Travel, Animals to name a few.

He turned to writing after suffering a heart attack in March 2010, in order to relieve the boredom of convalescence. He found it both rewarding and therapeutic. A few months late Dale formed his business - Critterish Allsorts - after realising that he had the power to live his dreams!! This attitude has led to his business growing successfully in the elapsed time, and he is currently earning 4 times what he was in his unsatisfactory job in 2010.

Critterish Allsorts travel to schools, outdoor events, promotions, homes (for childrens parties) and more recently won 2 contracts to provide animal assisted therapy to medium high secure psychiatric patients. Dale finds this work particularly inspiring and satisfying, both in terms of the effect his work has on the patients and the effect that the patients have on his animals, and is currently working with renowned author of animal books Dr Daniel Allen on producing an article on the effects of pet therapy on animals.

Dale is still publishing articles on E-Zine, but his work does not allow him to produce them in as high a quantity as he did before.

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