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Dr. Eric Osansky

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Dr. Eric Osansky is a licensed healthcare professional who helps people with Graves' Disease and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis treat their condition naturally. Dr. Osansky was personally diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disorder, and used natural treatment methods to restore the function of his thyroid gland back to normal and to strengthen his immune system.

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More and more people with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis look to take supplements and herbs to help with their condition. Some take supplements and herbs as a form of natural symptom

Health & Fitness> Thyroid l 2 years ago

From time to time I have been asked about the relationship between candida and Graves' Disease. Although there seems to be more of a connection between yeast infections and hypothyroid conditions,

Health & Fitness> Thyroid l 2 years ago

Although fluoride is still used by many people, more and more people are avoiding fluoride due to the potential health risks involved. Fluoride is added to the drinking water, toothpaste, and some

Health & Fitness> Thyroid l 2 years ago

Many people with Graves' Disease have a gluten sensitivity problem. This not only can exacerbate their condition, but for those looking to restore their health back to normal through a natural

Health & Fitness> Thyroid l 2 years ago

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