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Bette Dowdell

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Bette Dowdell grew up in The Salvation Army, one of five children of Salvation Army parents-both members of the clergy. Salvation Army life involves frequent moves.

After college, Bette joined IBM as a Systems Engineer. IBM life also involves moving.

But three constants remained, two instilled by her amazing parents and one forced on her by a drunk driver.

She learned optimistic perseverance and faith, both life-enhancing in the extreme, from her parents. After growing up enough to recognize the value of these prizes, she now shares them with others. She's about maximizing life in every respect, taking whatever hills life puts in your way and achieving the success of confidence-the kind of confidence that allows you to reach out to others rather than constantly investigate what's in the mirror.

A drunk driver damaged Bette's pituitary gland, the master of the health universe, when she was a baby. As her life careened downhill, doctors insisted Bette was fine. But one excellent doctor recognized her problem and put a name to it. A move took her away from that doctor, treatment stopped, life started downhill again and doctors, again, insisted she was fine.

But having a name for her problem made all the difference. It gave a direction to Bette's research. If doctors weren't going to help, she'd help herself. And she did.

Now doctors insist her diagnosis must surely have been wrong, or she would be dead. Well, the diagnosis was right on the mark, and Bette is alive, well and sharing the information that got her out of the ditch.

Bette's books, including a memoir in which she shares her exceptional parents, are at You can also get a free, weekly subscription to Bette's original quotes there. While brief, the quotes offer a 30-second lift to start the week.

Bette talks about health issues at, which offers weekly health information. Her e-book Pep for the Pooped: Vitamins and Minerals Your Body Is Starving For gives you the information you need to build a solid health foundation, which also builds your immune system. Read about it at

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