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Miriam L. Seitler

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Miriam Seitler is mother of 4 adorable children who lives in New Jersey. She is the owner of, a website for just toddlers. Check out their fabulous line of toddler clothes, accessories, educational toys, kids room decor and toddler gear. If you are looking for a toddler birthday gift, browse through their Buy By Age Guide which includes First Birthday Gifts and Personalized Gifts for kids.

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What is something that every toddler mom dreads? Rain. Lots of it. Though the puddles are great to stomp in when the rain tapers off, entertaining toddlers indoors for hours, sometimes days, on end

Home & Family> Babies Toddler l 2 years ago

Though your baby may be too young to notice, he's turning one! Time for a major celebration! Hold off on renting the ponies, bringing the circus to town or renting out the amusement park. As exciting

Home & Family> Babies Toddler l 2 years ago

Nothing makes you appreciate your mother more than having a baby of your own. When reading “Goodnight Moon” for the twentieth time in a row it suddenly hits you – “Someone did this for me!

Home & Family> Grandparenting l 2 years ago

Announcing bath time can cause joyful giggles in one toddler and shrieks of fear in another. Bath time can be tons of fun and is a great boredom buster. Here are some tips to help make bath time run

Home & Family> Babies Toddler l 2 years ago

Don’t you just love the Fourth of July? Dazzling fireworks, delicious barbeques, thrilling parades – it just brings out the little kid in all of us. For your little kid, though, all these

Home & Family> Babies Toddler l 2 years ago

Does someone special have a first birthday coming up? First birthday's can be hard to come up with the perfect gift. Don't worry, we've got some great ideas that the birthday kid, and parents, are

Home & Family> Babies Toddler l 2 years ago

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