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Lillian Brummet

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Lillian Brummet

Co-author of the book Trash Talk, a guide for anyone concerned about his or her impact on the environment rash Talk embarks on frugal and conscious living techniques for the individual. We focus on the reuse of 'waste' materials and reducing consumption of resources. Trash Talk is written to empower people to feel more positive about their worth as individuals in a hectic, expensive, environmentally stressed world. We show how to make a real and visible difference, while saving money at the same time. Publisher: Publish America Released: July 21, 2004

Author of Towards Understanding (ISBN#1-4137-9337-1) - This book of 120 poems is written in chronological order. It is a story of survival, of breaking the chains of inner demons, finding value and purpose in life and growing towards understanding - but not quite reaching it. The poems also embrace the environment and question society. Towards Understanding will reach today's female audience because it is a true chronological story of a young woman growing through childhood trauma, being independent at age 13, moving through healing, finding self-worth and questioning society. I truly believe, and hope, that the book can help other women. Publisher: Publish America. Earliest Estimated Release: Late December, 2005

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Shadow of an Indian Star is a 500-page historical fiction set in the early 1800's. It accurately brings life to a fascinating era of gun slinging, saloon drinking, hard work, rough living and

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