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Dawn Tomastik is a published Author, Life Coach, Counselor and Mentor specializing in working with individuals, couples and business professionals in the area of personal transformation; providing an individualized step by step program for each client. This comes from her years of training as well as from a compilation of working with a multitude of clients and successfully achieving her own personal transformation. Dawn's Specialty is to help people break through unhealthy patterns as well as the illusion of distorted beliefs and projections from unresolved events. Dawn's straight forward, no-nonsense, hands-on approach in dealing with her clients leads them to increased self-awareness, accountability in their lives, and lasting change. Dawn brings a wealth of practical, real-life expertise and presence into every consulting, coaching and speaking relationship. What makes Dawn unique from other Life Coaches is her astute and accurate insight to what people think is hidden and her ability to identify and cut right through drama. Dawn's commitment is to find pure truth while teaching her clients practical, applicable, achievable solutions. Dawn's philosophy is that you cannot teach successfully what you have not learned and practiced firsthand, and her motto is "Make Changes...Don't Let Changes Make You!" Dawn has over 10 years experience doing volunteer work for numerous San Luis Obispo county services in CA. She was also a Congressional Candidate in the 22nd district of CA in 1996 where she spoke publicly on "Waking Up" to societal changes with emphasis on "Individual Responsibility & Accountability."

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It takes courage and conviction to choose to live with an open heart. This poem is a story depicting how one closed heart chose to do whatever it took to open up to authentic love, and succeeded.

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