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Slava Rybalka

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Slava Rybalka is a speaker and explorer of the idea of everybody's Personal Effectiveness. Slava lives in Homyel, Belarus.

Slava holds a B.S. in English and French Languages from Gomel State University, and M.A. in Counselling from Universities of Moscow and Manchester. Now he is looking forward to a PhD in Personal Effectiveness from some of the overseas universities. Also, he is currently writing his first book on Personal Effectiveness.

Before becoming a Personal Effectiveness educator Slava has worked as a machine operator, a dishwasher, a welder, a shop assistant, a courier, a sales manager, a web project manager, an online music PDF magazine publisher, and a consultant. Slava had worked as a university lecturer for 5 years then he quit and started his own life adventure. One year ago he set 7 major goals of his life. Now he is keeping straight to his life path.

By the age of 29, Slava has travelled, lived and worked in Poland, Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Russia and the USA. Also he has communicated and made a lot of friends from many other countries including Turkey, Syria, Panama, India and Sri Lanka. Having practiced aikido and other martial arts for several years he was able to better understand oriental culture.

Each of these jobs and occupations added a little to his personal tank of life experience. Having combined his education and his life experience he has developed a conception of everybody's Personal Effectiveness which he is currently refining and sharing with people.

You can learn more about Slava, order him to speak or ask for his life advice by Skype (slavarybalko) or by email (

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