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James Leitz

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With an MBA (finance) in hand, James started in the investment business as a registered representative (stock broker) in 1972, just in time for the stock market debacle of 1973-74. He started trading stock options in 1973, and began his own independant research into systematic approaches to stock investing in that year as well.

Jim has been a student of the markets, and an investor for 35 years. Although he worked on commission for over 20 years, his true interest has always been in managing investments and educating investors.

Most of his 20 years in the financial services industry Jim worked directly with individual investors. He designed personal financial plans based on client goals, implemented these plans with the appropriate financial products, and monitored his clients' success. He especially enjoyed giving investment seminars, of his own design, to groups of investors or potential clients.

As a side bar, James enjoys teaching investments and managing money more than selling investments. He likes to play the market, and has competed in national investment challenges.

In 1990 he ranked #11 nationally in the USA Today/ FNN Investment Challenge, out of a field of over 5000 contestants. Again in 2007 he got the urge to compete and ranked in the top 1% in the CNBC Investor Challenge.

In 2005 he concentrated his efforts on fulfilling a long-time dream: creating a down-to-earth financial guide for the average investor. In late 2008 he published his investor guide, Invest Informed.

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Bond funds have been good investments for 30 years, while stock funds have only sometimes been good places to invest money. In fact, bond funds have outperformed stock funds, which is highly unusual.

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