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Ken Mckinney

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Ken McKinney is a 17-year journalism and PR veteran, and founder of ePUBLICITYpr dot com, a tech start-up offering do-it-yourself publicity services to companies, organizations, musicians and authors through its publicity dashboard. Services such as creating e-mail electronic press kits, search engine optimized press releases/press release distribution and music distribution for musicians. The company also owns pop culture website popculturez dot com.

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Story-telling has always been an important aspect of human culture, whether you were in Africa, Asia, Australia or Ancient Britain. Certainly, there were differences in style and focus, but wherever

Business > Press Releases l 2 years ago

It could certainly be argued that the most effective form of publicity is that which money cannot buy; the personal recommendation. Everyone has a circle of friends and family, which includes people

Business > Press Releases l 2 years ago

You may have seen the British Prince Harry racing with the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, while on a visit to Jamaica. This wasn't organized just for fun, or so that Prince Harry could stretch his

Business > Press Releases l 2 years ago

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