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Carole Spiers

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Carole Spiers

Carole's credibility is rooted in twenty years' success as CEO of a leading UK Stress Management Consultancy. As a World Authority on Corporate Stress and popular BBC Guest-Broadcaster, Carole's focus is on developing a healthy workplace culture through the successful management of stress and organisational change.

Carole is a high-energy motivational speaker able to combine inspiration with insight and her charismatic style and ability to engage emotionally with audiences has made her a sought-after keynote speaker around the world.

Author of a best-selling book Show Stress Who's Boss!, Carole works with equal success in the contrasting cultures of UK and the Middle East that for over 20 years, has numbered among its clients leading corporations including, Accenture, Al Habib [Oman] AXA, CNA [Qatar], Etisalat [Dubai], Dubai Cables, IBM, Kanoo Group [ME] and Walt Disney.

Carole has also established herself as a provocative, weekly columnist for Gulf News and is Past President of the London Chapter of the Professional Speaking Association. In the UK, Carole launched National Stress Awareness day on behalf of the International Stress Management AssociationUK, of which she is a past Chair.

She is also regularly called upon by the national press and media for comment.

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