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Debbie Pokornik

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I am a trainer, speaker and workshop leader who believes that every one of us has the ability to truly excel in life. Life is a balance between fun and growth and my job (as Chief Empowerment Officer for Empowering NRG) is to help people find that balance.

I am a bit of a health nut, love green tea and have been described by many as an eternal optimist. I am a mother of two teens, a dedicated dog owner and devoted wife.

I live in rural Manitoba (Canada) on a yard that is far too big to keep free of unwanted plant growth and love to read, write, chat and walk in nature. My latest feat (besides my book that launched in April 2010) was to learn about, participate in and become comfortable using social media.

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Have you ever totally flipped out on somebody?  Like one minute you're calm and the next you're saying things you'll definitely regret, or using a tone of voice that is totally inappropriate.

Self Improvement> Anger Management l 2 years ago

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