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Most of the time, strong opinions about politics and religion aren't received well. People are easily turned off by other people who give their opinions and turn a deaf ear to those who try to

Book Reviews> Non Fiction l 2 years ago

Father and Son at War, by author Isabel Vandervelde, paints an intricate picture of the Civil War by highlighting the relationship between a mulatto man named Malcolm Balfour and his white father,

Book Reviews> History l 3 years ago

Today we have the pleasure of being with author Lois Well Santalo to discuss her book Oops, I Lost My Sense of Humor. Thank you, Ms. Santalo, for taking your time to be with us.

Book Reviews> Biographies Memoirs l 3 years ago

Lois Wells Santalo's Oops, I Lost My Sense of Humor depicts Santalo's life story, from her childhood during the Depression, to her surgery later in life, to the present. At age eighty-one, a doctor

Book Reviews> Biographies Memoirs l 3 years ago

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