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Anukriti B Parsai

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Anukriti has a unique perspective on bread and bread recipe's. Anukriti's keen eye for 'cause and effect' allows her to substitute local ingredients and techniques in traditional bread recipe's.

Her Savoury Pumpkin Bread Recipe with Canned Pumpkin is Anukriti's latest amazing offering.

More of Anukriti's unique recipe's can be found on Bread Recipe Secrets.

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Warm puddings are not limited to winters only. You can eat them in spring as well as summer. For me, warm puddings are heaven-sent on a rainy day.

Food and Drink> Recipes l 2 years ago

The ever-popular Indian fry bread has made a niche for itself in the bread market all over the world. They are easy to make; there is no standing or rising time required. They can be served at dinner

Food and Drink> Recipes l 2 years ago

Simple bread machine recipes are a must-have for all bread-lovers. Bread machines take the hassle out of hand-kneading the dough and wondering whether you got it right or not! They come with

Food and Drink> Recipes l 2 years ago

Banana Bread Recipe are most love breakfast because of its delicious taste and at the same a nutritious treat fro everyone. The following quick banana bread recipe is not only easy to prepare but

Food and Drink> Recipes l 2 years ago

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