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Dan McLaughlin

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Dan McLaughlin founded Renascent Solutions in 2001 after rapidly establishing himself as one of the top recruitment producers in the country. He has successfully completed numerous searches for a wide array of high technology companies ranging from early-stage enterprises to well-established Fortune 500 corporations. His diverse knowledge of, and experience in, both the private and public sectors, combined with an unsurpassed desire to help people succeed, have allowed him to formulate a highly unique approach and a correspondingly responsive, dynamic, and exceptionally effective venture. Dan earned a Bachelor's Degree from Montana State University and a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of Montana.

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What does it take to excel in the position and your corporate environment? Establishing the ground rules and characteristics for success from day one is a fantastic way to ensure that management and

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It is essential to be prepared to effectively and agilely provide strong answers to an interviewer's queries. Although the range and form of each individual's respective format and approach may

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