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Energy in itself has no color so what do we mean by 'green energy?' There seems to be no single or universal definition of 'green energy' but it has various interpretations. Is it called green

News & Society> Energy l 2 years ago

Energy sources that can be continually replenished are called renewable sources. The source of energy from the sun, wind, water and biomass are renewable energy sources as against fossil fuels like

News & Society> Energy l 2 years ago

What is green energy? In simple terms, it is energy that is generated without using materials that are unsustainable, does not cause environmental destruction and meets the needs of the present

Business > Innovation l 2 years ago

In the race to find alternate sources of energy, that is clean, sustainable and renewable, wind power has caught the attention of scientists, industrialists and governments. Green technology has

Business > Innovation l 2 years ago

Solar technologies channel energy from the sun to provide power for various applications in homes, offices and industries, which are currently run on electricity generated from fossil fuels or

News & Society> Energy l 2 years ago

The very idea of retirement is of modern times, as prior to the 19th century, a retirement plan was unheard of. In those times, people worked till they became physically unable or died. Higher life

Investing> Retirement Planning l 2 years ago

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