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Jasmine Webley

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Hi, My name is Jasmine Webley and I have been in the Network Marketing industry for just over two years now, but I have been an Internet Marketer even longer.

Just like many other network marketers out there, I have also experienced using 'marketing methods' that were totally out of date.

It didn't take me long to realise that this was not the right way to build a business. So I stopped all of that nonsense and turned to Google.

I began search for how to build a better and more successful network marketing business. I came across many network marketers who were searching for prospects online, but to my surprise, these were distributors who were still trying to build their business offline. That made no sense to me whatsoever.

All I knew is that I wanted to get as far away from the offline methods as I could and build my home based business opportunity another way, but I really wasn't sure how. I had read a bumper load of articles explaining how over 95% of network marketers failed in this industry within the first year. I can't say I was totally surprised. I almost gave up as well, but wanted to give it another try. I did, and now, here I am.

It has now become my aim to help as many network marketers make the same transition from offline to online. There is absolutely no need for any network marketer to fail in this industry. You can build a better and more profitable business. You just need to know 'How'.

It doesn't matter whether you're a total newbie or if you've been in the network marketing industry for any period of time.

If you are seriously committed, determined to succeed and accept that you do have to put in a lot of your own time, energy and effort and are also willing to invest in Yourself, then either a member of my team or myself will help and guide you.

If you would like to build a legitimate home based business using a network marketing opportunity, and would like to know how to attract serious prospects and generate leads, then feel free to read some of my articles either here on or my blog listed below.

To Your Success,

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