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Ian R Harlock

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Hi folks, I suppose I should start by saying I am married and a proud father of two beautiful children Jessica and Jared.

Professionally, I am a Financial Adviser trading for over 15 years. Though this is my profession, It is not my passion.

My passions lie with ideas and seeing them through to fruition. The internet is a powerful tool and it never fails to fascinate me, especially as a super-connector and information resource.

Recently, I have been fortunate enough to be introduced to investments that offer superb returns but just as importantly the investments are sustainable. By that, I mean environmentally worthy and constructive. If you take the time to consider the environmental problems facing us all, it is sobering. Money is important to me and motivates my actions but it is certainly not the most important thing to me.

Hopefully, I can get my message to as many people as possible.

I should state, article writing is not a particularly strong point for me; so any tips and pointers would be appreciated!

Feel free to contact me as I look forward to interacting with as many people as possible.


Ian Harlock cert PFS Protection Consultant & Owner silvinvest ltd

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