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Penelope M. Klatell, PhD

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I grew up in a Greek restaurant family where I developed my love for food and cooking. I understand the importance of the communal act of sharing food, shopping for whole food, and growing and preparing it, too. I can evaluate a menu and the "feel" or the "attitude" of a restaurant in no time flat. I understand what it's like to constantly think about food and to worry about what each morsel is going to do to the numbers on the scale.

I'm a doctoral level nurse educator and a wellness and nutrition coach with decades of experience in health care and education. My intent is to couple my belief in "you are what you eat" with my professional and life experience and my passion for delicious, healthy, and happy eating -- and then to share that information through my writing, teaching, coaching, and speaking.

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Cooking a dish and you added too much hot and spicy ingredients. Don't throw your dish away, learn how to tame the spice in your dish.

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