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Gerry has wriiten extensive articles on self-development and self inventoring. He has spent approx 25 years as a life coach helping people to overcome personal difficulties and change their lives through the application of simple steps. The basis of problem solving to change your future, is to accept what you cannot change and put your energy and courage into changing what you can. The application of simple principles can change your mindset and attitudes to attract the financial and personal success that is available in life. The first step in personal growth is to change your attitudes in order to change your future. See these simple processes at my blog gerrysavage. It is time now to take the action to transform YOUR life. Trying to solve your problems with the mindset that created and sustained them is insanity. Change your attitudes - change your future. Most people fail to go to the lengths necessary to achieve change. Recognising this and taking small steps can change your life beyond measure. In order to attract success you need a success centered attitude. Previously insurmountable hurdles will melt away. Change your future NOW. Its your responsibility. The secret to change is to fully recognise and get honest about what you are getting out of bieng the way you are. Self-indulgence is the major barrier to growth. Instinct and logic always kick in to justify staying the way you are, even if it makes you discontent or unhappy. If new ideas and actions came easy. then success would be easy. What you need to do is to accept what it is in yourself, that you are unwilling to change. Is it laziness, comfort, fear, procrastination or taking comfort in self-indulgence. Change can be made easier when you get honest with yourself. The biggest barriers to new successful behaviours lie totally within yourself. Unconditionally accepting this, will change your attitudes, and after a persistent trial, the hurdles to success will fall before you.

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Fear is an emotion that seems to cause human beings massive problems by limiting their perceptions and robbing them of the ability to act in their own best interests. Fear as an emotion is not

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