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Isaac Silberstein

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A few years ago, a young man named Isaac started working for Leisure Pro. (Yes folks, THAT Leisure Pro) Like most of their employees, he started off by learning to pick out merchandise for orders, and becoming familiar with all the many different products. After several months, he moved on to customer service where he learned all about how to take orders, to cheerfully handle customer complaints no matter how toxic, and how to keep customers satisfied and returning to do more business. He also did numerous odd jobs for the company as required, but all the time, he was learning - learning, thinking and above all, dreaming. You see, although he enjoyed his job, Isaac, like most people, began to dream of owning his own company. But unlike many, he was able to make his dream become a reality. He did all the leg work such as finding investors, scouting locations, taking care of getting the proper permits, talking to manufacturer's representatives, etc. However, when all the dust settled, in 2006, he opened his own small scuba store. However, the key word here was small. He cut his owner/operator teeth with this small store. Yes, he made some mistakes, but he learned quickly from them. In a short period of time, the store took off, and quickly outgrew its location and other limitations. It was now time for the caterpillar to turn into a butterfly. Thus in August 2007 with Isaac at the helm, Prime Scuba was officially born! The rest as they say is history, and the Scuba World has never been the same since.

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