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William Allan

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I am a Single Male 65, living in Naples Florida. I am an author concerned with the true nature of reality and I try to provide answers to age old questions about the origin of the universe, everything within and beyond. The subject matter for the articles I write comes from an unknown source, and when it comes, it comes to me in fully completed concepts not words. I interpret the concepts, their meaning and describe them to the best of my ability in terms that will be understood. I try to make them simple, but I do not water them down otherwise we would be back to the children's tales of beginnings and endings that we have been taught all of our lives. I believe that we are ready for the next step in human evolution and when you begin to desire knowledge, it creates a psychic whirlpool that begins to attract the kind of information you seek. I am a wonderer, and when you wonder, you begin to seek, and what you seek long and hard enough, you will find.

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This article explains how sometimes children do not survive birth or die shortly thereafter, leaving the parents to suspect themselves as being the cause of the early death. I explain how and why the

Self Improvement> Spirituality l 2 years ago

I recently read a well-circulated article about what is commonly referred to as "Near Death Experiences". These investigations are not new and there are countless other references to what is

Reference & Education> Paranormal l 2 years ago

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