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Antoinette Capri is a kind spirited force yielding a passion to bring value and integrity to the lives of others. She is a former certified nurse assistant of 18 years and a trusted confidante to local families in her community. Antoinette has a diverse background in customer service, beauty, finance, banking, accounting, insurance, fast food, retail, healthcare, health claims, and business ownership. She has a passion to create win-win solutions to any problem and committed to helping people grow to their greatest potential. She believes in people and contributes her time to many different causes and events. Antoinette is the mother of two children and currently resides in Delaware.

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Are you trying to love your teenager the best way you know how, but all you hear them say is "You just don't understand," "Never mind," or "Why should I tell you, you don't care anyway!" Caregivers

Home & Family> Adolescent Care l 3 years ago

Lots of teenagers all over the world are suffering from low self esteem and self confidence. They talk down on themselves and they don't think they are good enough for anything. What's worse, as long

Home & Family> Adolescent Care l 3 years ago

Middle and high school years can be the best of times and the worst of times. Peer pressure, relationships, and test anxiety are just some of the things that can cause your teenager to change moods

Home & Family> Adolescent Care l 3 years ago

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