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De Andree Collier is a financial services expert in the area of insurance, banking, and finance industry. For more than 12 years, I have advised others affiliated with corporations, small business, as well as individuals with service such as appropriate customer services, tutoring for mathematics, auto, life, & renters/homeowners insurance quotes for Minnesota residents currently(Iowa as well in the area of life coverage), as well as federal income tax preparation. I have also achieved the ability to develop entrepreneurial prowess from the completion of the 2009 Micro-Entrepreneurial Workshop that was sponsored by the Neighborhood Development Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. My favorite personal activities include spending time with my fiancee Laverne and my three sons, Eric, Lil' Dre, and Shakir, excercising, cooking, and listening to various types of music. I wish to continue my future obligations by providing quality content as well as daily deal notifications on my website, and giving and recieving feedback on how to apply those skills to my community. I am also continuing my other involvements in those industries mentioned earlier, my goal is to continue improving on the communication and validity of the information that I am able to provide in those fields.

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