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Gregory Peters

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Gregory Peters creates images that beg to be touched. This unique style of art features a wide variety of subject matter portrayed realistically and incorporating elements of sculpture for 3-dimensional impact.

Gregory has been producing and selling art for a number of years to a growing collector base. His style has evolved from simple landscapes to remarkable images offering unusual visual impact. His art resides in homes around the nation. This style of art represents an entirely new direction for the artist, and quite literally allows the viewer to gain an added dimension of realism through the use of dimensional techniques that push images up off the surface of the canvas while visually pulling the eye in.

"Traditional 2D art can be limiting. Nature as a subject matter is often better understood by bringing the viewer into the picture. I incorporate real dimensional materials and blend them with realistic illustration to add graphic impact not achieved otherwise. I try and provide impact and surprise with every image I create."

Self-taught in a variety of media, Gregory focuses on the natural elements of design found in all living things using primarily acrylic but often watercolor, watercolor pencil, paper, plaster and wood. His work is increasingly textural and focused on depictions of realistic items in new and varied ways. His images speak of nature's constant change. His design skills have made him an integral part of the success of several of America's leading companies. His artwork resides in numerous private collections.

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One of the things I learned (the hard way), was that you must educate yourself as to the business end of art. That was a hard lesson as artists generally are not business-people.

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