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Rhonda J Eagle

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Rhonda Joy Eagle is a body/mind therapist, specializing in the treatment of trauma and anxiety, incorporating personal growth and empowerment processes . She has been in practice for over 20 years, using a meld of techniques uniquely blended for each individual client. Rhonda is a member of the international For the One Dance crew. For the One is a dance geared to heal individuals and the land danced upon. She has danced and/or served as Dance Chief in the dance internationally, in Israel, United States, South Africa and Egypt. Rhonda specializes in connecting people to their own inner wisdom through individual sessions, group ceremonies and shamanic journeys.

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By not allowing our systems downtime, we go into a perpetual situation of being "on", being too full, getting chronically tired and mentally overloaded, feeling kind of boggy and uninspired. It can

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