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John-Michael Korpal

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I take great pride in being able to describe myself as an environmentally conscious artist, a working artist for almost 20 years and I enjoy expanding my passion for art through the teaching of others.

Born and raised in rural Indiana, I was always fascinated by the magnificence of nature and the circle-of-life that surrounded me. I observed that nature continues to recycle itself. Dead plants enrich the soil, allows future plants to thrive. This instilled a strong belief of living an eco-friendly lifestyle. We are all inter-connected and we should all extend a common shared respect for all beings

I moved to Chicago in 1988 and quickly started exploring my new urban landscape. Observing the vastness of random discarded and unwanted objects on the street and alleys, I one day started to collect a few, thinking "What could this become?" This was the beginning of incorporating found object into my art. Some of my pieces have incorporated everything from broken safety glass to a calligraphic piece with a frame that began as a section of a shipping crate. At first, found objects allowed me to create art while living on a very limited budget. Over time, giving the found object a new life became an integral way to express myself. I was able to give something a new life and purpose.

I have always enjoyed working in many mediums and often mix them together in a single piece. This helps me maintain a more vibrant energy flow as I generate a new work. If a piece is not moving forward I allow myself to alter gears to focus on a different piece. As a new piece begins I do not have any predetermined outcome. The piece is allowed to develop organically helping me move towards what it is meant to be.

My purpose is to share my passion with others in the creation of my artwork. Making available to you a vessel to reflect your perceptions and interpretations in the artwork to evolve as you perceive the art work. My goal is for it to touch your heart and mind permitting a shared moment between us.

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