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Elliot Zovighian

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Elliot Zovighian is a Certified Development Strategist, writer, and speaker from Toronto, Canada. His purpose is to educate and teach people how to focus their lives and achieve goals leading to happier lives. His articles come from experience in his own life and those shared with clients and friends. He hopes to deliver his passion, experience, and caring in a sincere and professional manner so that you may be better enabled to find the happiness within, and live happier throughout.

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So what exactly are you doing? Where exactly are you going?

Self Improvement> Motivation l 2 years ago

We as parents always try to protect our teens from love's double-edged sword. Yet, we cannot do that completely. Being there to help pick them back up is the important thing.

Home & Family> Adolescent Care l 2 years ago

Mr. or Ms. Perfect isn't going to simply waltz into your life and bring you bliss. No, you're going to have to attract them.

Relationships> Readiness l 2 years ago

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