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Liz Canham

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Liz is webmistress of which she created to help people new to the internet to choose the tools and training needed to set up and maintain their own online businesses. Liz is a keen writer and has been involved in article marketing for nearly ten years.

Liz also loves Asian food, particularly Indian cookery, so she created her Asian Food and Cookery website to share articles and recipes from the region with other food lovers. Other interests and associated websites include cats, bird watching, diet and curry.

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AdSense is a double-edged sword; sure, it can earn you money but it can also be a distraction. Picture this: You have a new website and you've been accepted by AdSense so you rush off to generate the

Internet Businesses> PPC Publishing l 2 years ago

The argument still goes on about image ads vs text ads on AdSense. As a publisher, you have the choice of either or both but which performs the best and which works best for the advertisers?

Internet Businesses> PPC Publishing l 2 years ago

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