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Darrell Rigley

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Darrell Rigley is the founder of TriMark Financial Solutions Inc and has over 20 years as a successful entrepreneur with a track record of building large sales teams in the insurance & financial services industry. He is also a commercial real estate investor and published author. TriMark Financial Solutions a mortgage consulting company also performs forensic & securititazation audts for homeowners who face foreclosure, owe too much on their mortgage payment or have an "underwater" mortgage. The company helps homeowners reduce their mortgage for pennies on the dollar.

TriMark Financial Solutions also buys and sells apartment complexes.

TrIMark Financial Solutions works with a nationwide independent sales force marketing products and services.

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When a homeowner purchases a piece of property they often do not understand all the details of what goes on behind the scene. For instance, if you are a homeowner, do you know whether or not your

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