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I, Dr Mahesh Chand Jain, am a qualified medical doctor. I completed my formal education in 1979 with passing of final M.B.,B.S examination conducted by Delhi University. I am engaged in General Medical Practice since 1982, Somewhere, along the path, I realized that my childhood dream can be realized only by evolving comprehensive understanding of nature. I admit, that despite efforts, our understanding of nature is limited, particularly, with reference to rationality of creation. Even till today, creation as understood so far is not a miracle! But is certainly not less than a miracle!

While studying in 9th class, my biology teacher told me that so far, no one has been able to satisfactorily define 'life'. So I assigned this task to myself and succeeded 35 years later. As a school student and degree college student, I had 'presumed faith' in mathematicological perfection of nature.During this period, study of physics and mathematics reinforced this belief. I would not discriminate between descriptive and narrative biology and mathematicologically perfect equations of physics. I could not realize that biology and physics are two entirely different approaches to the process of learning. I could not realize that even in physics, there is, disguised descriptive and narrative element. I realized it at much later date in life about the age of 40 years. As a 1st year medical student I tried to understand human physiology in rational terms unlike all other classmates of mine. I soon acquired a reputation for madness for my Eureka moments. On the day previous to writing anatomy examination, I was studying human physiology. Soon I learned to manage myself. This self assignment, in due course of time expanded to the level of entire universe and nature. Besides medical practice, I have indulged in business activities, hands-on-applied research in technology development, without any teacher, peer or guide, studied physics again at the age of 40 years and expanded my knowledge of life sciences. As a result of cumulative experience, studies and contemplation of 40 years, I was able to write and publish this book which presents nature in a much different light than currently held views. Publication of this book marks realization of my childhood dream and is an obligation which I owe to humanity for my being and my intellect.

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