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Stevie L Glenn

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Stevie is a Pastor of Infinite Visionary Training Cell Ministries in Minneapolis Minnesota and has been gifted with the illuminated knowledge of Christ. Pastor Stevie received a bachelor of Science degree in English at Metro State University in St. Paul Minnesota. He has written extensively on the secrets of deep Christian knowledge designed to transform the believer's life and affairs.

The reading of his messages are meant to make the Christain believer a CAUSE in the world instead of a victim. His writings are designed to help the reader conquer instead of surrender to the trails and tribulations of man.

Pastor stevie is the author of hundreds of articles written on the divinity God instilled in man on the day of creation and beyond.

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The article discusses the power and authority of the Christian believer. He or she must trust in the divine conqueror within to overcome the threats and intimidation of the kingdom of darkness.

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