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Ray Riechert

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I worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a sales manager for 20 years with a Dow 30 Company. During my tenure with the company, we were heavily involved in most major therapeutic classes of drugs to treat cholesterol, hypertension, heart failure, asthma, osteoporosis, arthritis and childhood diseases.

I've since gone into helping women with solutions for eating better and losing weight. I've taken the knowledge I learned about the science of disease and began applying it to natural ways to prevent diseases like heart disease, diabetes and obesity. My website, focuses primarily on helping women to lose weight through natural methods.

The focus is completely non-pharmaceutical in nature. I blog about the simple things any women can do to improve their chances of getting pregnant if they are obese and and have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I also use my expertise to discuss simple ways to lose weight through proper eating habits.

Given the right tools, women can lose weight anytime during their lifetime. We are laying out a plan that helps women achieve optimal success with weight loss. For example, women in their twenties have completely different goals than a woman over 40.

We decided to devote our attention to women who need help because of health reasons or they just want to feel good about themselves. Women respond better to things that work for them. I am motivated because I have my own health issues to deal with and I knew I could build a community of women who will join me in a journey that benefits each and everyone of us who needs help.

Please follow me at and on our YouTube Channel WomenAndDiets. We will be offering up solutions for healthier choices to anyone scared about their health or for anyone who knows they need to lose significant pounds to stay healthy and fit.

Thanks everyone on behalf of Jerry (brother) and Lori (sister-in-law). We will do our very best to give you solutions for eating better.

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