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Najeen Zahoor

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Professional writer in the field of career development, medicine and finance, Najeen has written several articles on topics as such to help the readers with their confusion on the topics. She has helped a lot of readers with debt issues and her expertise in the writing about health sector are second to none.

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Bankruptcy is the state of people when their financial condition is insolvent and they are not left with any money. They have to bear with the outstanding debt issues, pay huge amounts of interest on

Finance > Debt Relief l 2 years ago

Are you not able to manage the debts that are outstanding, and are creating issues for your credit history? Are you living with the threats of your creditors, and now you know that may be, you do not

Finance > Debt Management l 2 years ago

Bankruptcy has to be avoided at all costs. This is not because it takes time to be filed and helps one to get out of debt issues, but it is costly and is troublesome. Bankruptcy cannot help you if

Finance > Bankruptcy l 2 years ago

IVA or the individual voluntary arrangement is a legal arrangement between two parties i.e. the debtor and the creditor. It is quite a new and modern alternative to the concept of bankruptcy.

Finance > Bankruptcy l 2 years ago

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