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Fran Sands

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With over 30 years experience in boxing gyms, and 13 years experience as a coach, I've built up a very considerable knowledge of the sport and more importantly of teaching the sport. I've coached at all levels, working with raw novices, national champions and international boxers. I am now aiming to bring this wealth of experience and knowledge to the Web.

I have produced a series of boxing how to video guides that break the sport of boxing down into it's component skills. From blocking and parrying punches to firing efficient and effective body punches. From bobbing and weaving to keeping and opponent at bay bolt-straight jabs and crosses. Counter punching, infighting, boxing footwork, boxing psychology and nutrition. Clear, sensible and precise boxing coaching.

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The right uppercut to the body is probably the single most difficult boxing punch to defend. It also has the potential to be the most devastating punch because it strikes the center of mass; the

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