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Bozena Morton

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Bo Morton (via her organization Linked-to-Grow) specializes in developing resources for international nonprofits and NGOs by securing grants from governments, private foundations and multilateral organizations as well as increasing private donations, program income and creating new revenue streams. Bo also helps create sustainable funding for international programs and projects at educational institutions through a combination of public and private grants, international linkages and partnerships, contracts and services, and strategic student recruitment.

Bo is also an experienced trainer and evaluator. She has conducted face-to-face and online training for faculty, administrators, and staff at educational institutions and NPOs/NGOs on topics such as researching and identifying appropriate funding sources, project development, proposal writing, project management, and project evaluation.

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As other countries are getting wealthier and more philanthropic and the US economy is struggling, philanthropy and grant making are becoming more and more international. Maybe it's time to think

Finance > Philanthropy Charity l 3 years ago

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