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Marcel Van Niekerk

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One of the greatest challenges of being an effective ambassador for Christ in a Post-modern society is our ability to function accurately in our personal daily life. The key to this success is captured by an individual's ability to connect effectively to God through the Holy Spirit. We are constantly being bombarded with challenges and circumstances that so easily draw our focus and dependence away from God and try and force us into crisis management to try and save the day and keep our minds sane.

The content of this book speaks of a young man, who happens to be my son, who has tapped into the ability to live in this way. The practical experiences he describes as well as the lessons he has learnt from the school of the Spirit, are valuable to inspire others to do likewise.

The book makes for comfortable reading, yet, the spiritual impact must not be taken lightly. I am of the opinion that any believer who chooses to earnestly pursue this kind of relationship with the Holy Spirit will find a boring lifestyle unfold into an incredible adventure and journey one would like to introduce to others.

I trust that, you as a reader will not be bogged down with the theology of this book but will rather allow the Holy Spirit to impact your mindset with a lifestyle that will change your destiny. May this book contribute to you becoming a more effective citizen of His Kingdom.

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