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Leonard I Carr

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Member since: Jun 15, 2012

I am a clinical psychologist & a teacher inspired to spread wisdom gleaned from great thinkers committed to enable you to unlock your brilliance and boundless potential so that you can shine brightly and make your unique contribution to enlightening the world.

I have developed an integral appreciative perspective on personality psychology that draws on insights from many schools of psychology and spiritual traditions.

Appreciative Personality Mapping is an interactive process that allows people to create a unique comprehensive framework for use in personal, relationship and organisational development.

I run growth courses and workshops based on this model and its applications to the areas of leadership, organisational functioning, personal growth and interpersonal relationships.

I am a specialist in personality and relationships, and have has been cited in books and other publications and well as being regularly invited to present workshops and talks both locally and internationally.

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Innovation and creativity depends on optimal timing, pacing and the harmony and counterpoint of diverse aspects of human experience. Consider the speed of relationships against the pace of business;

Self Improvement> Innovation l 2 years ago

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