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Go Kart Safety And What You Can Do About It

January 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 185

I have my web email alert system set for the keyword "go kart" and periodically some person is injured or killed on a go kart because of something that could have been avoided; namely, cars.

The way cars affect go karts is obvious, but let's review lest we think this article is not for us:

- The car is moving

- The car is parked

More often than not a go kart is driven into a busy street and a moving car will hit a go karter killing the individual.I have not ever seena good outcome when a go kart is hit by a car, regardless if the go kart has a roll cage and seat belt system.Go karts cannot ever be driven in the street for this very reason, cars cannot see go karts, they are too low to the ground.The car always wins, the go kart always loses; Simple physics.

The other mistake that go karters make is assuming that parked cars are safe to be around because they are not moving.Wrong, go karts can slam into cars.More specifically under cars making the body of the person the first object to slam into the car and hence yield in poor results.

For these very reasons go karts should never be ridden anywhere near obstacles of any kind, such as trees, cars, bushes, fences, parking curbs.Additionally unsafe terrain such as steep hills, narrow trails with trees on each side, are just as dangerous because of the risk or roll over and or slamming into a tree are very great.

Though go karts are fun, they need to be driven in open and approved areas such as track designed for go karts.

Usually a go kart incident occurs because a younger driver, not used to the controls, slammed into a parked car, or drove out into a busy street.These unfortunate accidents could have been avoided had the go kart owners not allowed the go karts to be driven in the areas with parked cars or busy streets.Secondly, proper safety equipment is equally as important in saving lives should a mishap occur.

And finally, there is no substitute for good driving habits and proper safety protocols when using ATVs or go karts.Go karts are dangerous vehicles themselves and those around the go kart are in equal danger to those riding the go kart.The go kart in motion is a moving projectile that can cause bodily harm to anyone who gets in it way.

Robert Gamble is a go kart enthusiast who enjoys cool Saturday afternoon's tooling around on his go kart. Safety is a concern we all have when getting into a go kart and understanding the risks of go kart riding is what Robert is trying to impart in this article. For more information about go kart safety go to "10 Safety Tips That Will Save Your Life When Go Karting"

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