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6 Things You Must Do to Prepare Your ATV for Winter

November 16, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 138

How to winterize your ATV in just 6 easy steps.

Regular maintenance on your ATV or quad is essential to long lasting performance. An essential part of keeping your ATV in great shape is winterizing. Until recently I lived in a place where even in the winter we drove our quads on a regular basis. Speeding around in the snow up and down our local roads. Moving to the suburbs has put a damper on my winter driving and now only one machine will get regular winter use so prepping my Machines for winter beyond regular maintenance is a must. I have done a lot of reading about the subject and have combined what I have read into this article.

1. Make sure you can store your ATVs out of the elements. This will add years to the life of quad whether you have tough winters or not. If possible cover your ATV with a cover if possible as well. Right now I have strategically positioned my machines in the garage in a way they fit and the Foreman can be accessed easily for winter riding.

2. Clean your ATV thoroughly, left over dirt and mud will fade your paint and is a rust hazard. I suggest cleaning your ATV thoroughly after every ride as well/ a pressure washer helps make this process easier and more fun. Be sure the setting you use will not damage the ATV.

3. Change your oil/ and clean or replace your air filter. Old oil contains acid created in the combustion process leaving it in the pan will give it time to corrode metal and eat at seals. If storing for a long period of time, remove the spark plugs and put a small drop of oil in the whole and then put the plug back in.

4. Add some fuel stabilizer and top off your fuel tank. A full tank leaves less room for condensation to build up inside the tank. The stabilizer will keep the fuel good while it waits to be used in the spring.

5. Check for loose nuts bolts and cables. Inspect your machine thoroughly and tighten anything that needs it. Use some lubricant on as many moving parts as possible. Don't forget to put lube on all cables as well.

6. If storing for more than 120 days, unplug the battery and store on a shelf or piece of wood.

Making sure you take the time to store your ATV correctly will save you tons of money in repairs in the long run. I do not claim this a complete list of things to do so look into what others in your area are doing to winterize their machines as your climate may be different than mine.

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