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Think Good, Feel Good and Manifest

April 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 106

Not to long ago I was reading through some articles pertaining to stock investing and I came across a sentence mentioning a movie and book called "The Secret", of all places I for some reason saw these two words not even pertaining to the subject and became interested.

What is this Secret I immediately asked myself?

I started doing some research which led me to the website and I began to study. I see the secret as being a law relating to attraction. The concept is everything that happens to us in life we attract. We attract this through our thoughts and feelings and depending on what we receive, good or bad depend on our day to day positive or negative thoughts and feelings. This all pertains to our relationships, career, financial situation, health, happiness etc.

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction sums it up this way: What you think, and what you feel and what manifests is always a match. You can't have bad feelings and have good thoughts or vice versa. The law of attraction can also be described as the "Law of Vibration" in which our thoughts and feelings actually give off a good or bad vibration. As I dug deeper into this relatively new subject for me I became amazed how wide spread this attraction concept had gone. I was hooked!

The book and movie "The Secret" which introduced the Law of Attraction back in 2006 was circulating the world which has now come so wide spread it continues to pick up where it left off centuries ago. The law was discovered many years ago and was used by various cultures and was so amazing to the few that used it they kept it a secret from the world, hence the book "The Secret". For those that do grasp the concept is life changing and some incredible stories can be read of those that have actually used this concept and then release it. He has numerous training programs and books on the subject.

How this practice has affected me has had its ups and downs, but I can tell you I have had my moments of triumph. Some of you may be thinking all of this stuff is just fate and a single person can not change his or her life's outcome, but if you think back almost all of you have implemented the law of attraction but just weren't aware of it. Think of a time when you were so engulfed into something and had a burning desire to get something accomplished and the outcome was positive. This is really one using the law by not taking no for an answer and kept moving forward stopping at nothing. The law though is not meant to cause harm on another human being or used to get some desire foolishly. If the law is used in a negative way the results will come back to you negatively. I have had some amazing things happen when applying the law of attraction but I learned that you have to stay with it and it is all about repetition. You have to immerse your self in this stuff and stay positive and you will see results. It may take some time and for me it did. I took the baby step approach to this and made it a habit to either read or watch something on the subject of the law on a daily basis. I had to monitor my thinking in a way to stay positive and have a better outlook on life. I think the main thing here is absolutely do not think something bad will happen in the future or be pessimistic. I learned to always expect only good things will happen and that things can always get better. This is all a specific way of thinking and you must apply it to your daily life no matter what the circumstances.

My mentor on the Law of Attraction has been Bob Proctor. He has been in the game for 50 years and still going strong. I can think of no one better as a coach and mentor. I hope you will give the law a try and make a decision to keep moving forward and learn more about the Law of Attraction. Bob Proctor offers great material on this subject and has vast amounts of knowledge, please check out the website. Lets get Started:

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