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The Power of The Mind You Use Everyday

February 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 126

The power of the mind is the power of choice. By choosing the thoughts we focus on, we direct our feelings. This is how we become creators of our "moods" and the architects of our fate. How is this possible? Because opportunities in life require the correct "mind-set" to be recognized and acted upon! Think about it, has there ever been a time in your life when you were in such a good mood that nothing could bring you down? On the other side of the coin, have you ever had "one of those days" where the most trivial thing would set you off completely? Now taking into account the specific mood associated with each of these mind-sets, which of them do you think you would be most likely to spot a positive opportunity with? Which of these moods would help you to best ACT on this new idea? It is obvious, as we've all experienced, that feeling great leads to great things for us to enjoy. And feeling bad opens the door for more negativity into our lives. This is because we can only see what we are focusing on mentally. Be it good or bad, regardless of reasons or intentions, what you feel is what you invite into your life! This is how the law of attraction works. By presenting you with the opportunities to act upon that which you've "asked" for, through the feelings you have been giving. Opportunities that can only be observed through the power of the mind and your chosen awareness.

Some people simply don't want to feel good. These are the individuals who are gifted in the craft of finding things to feel bad about. So good at this skill are they, that many are unwilling to even enjoy the things they claim to love most! The belief being that to enjoy ANYTHING is to warrant acceptance of their current strife, which is unacceptable, and thus they go on feeling horrible about EVERYTHING! Now of course all this practice accomplishes is the securing of more negativity into these people's lives. Because it is simply impossible for them to see or act on any GOOD idea, let alone a chance at a better future, from this emotional perspective!

ALL change originates from within the power of your mind. No idea, action, or motivation to succeed can exist without the thought which first gives it birth. You have to "give first" in order for anything to be given too you. What do you suppose the people who refuse joy because they are unhappy, for the sake of feeling horrible about it, are attracting into their lives in this way? Does focusing all of your attention on the things you dislike most about life sound like a productive step towards changing your future for the better? Waiting for something or someone to "make" you happy as an effect caused by the depth of your misery is a recipe for failure and disappointment. You alone have this power. The power of the mind works for you constantly. It is free to use and yours to command. Master IT and become the captain of your life's desire!

To use the power of the mind for success is a matter of focus. Simply stated, feel GOOD! Imagine your emotions as fuel for your future. Positive emotions fuel good things into your life while negative emotions fuel the bad things. Now do whatever you can to feel good or better all day every day! This may be a real chore at first for some, depending on the mental habits you have acquired over the years, but remember you are the master of YOUR mind. Ultimately, only you alone can decide what you think about, the perspective you view it from, and the feelings you experience as a result. Even if you've used the power of the mind to create a negative situation that you're dealing with currently. You CAN change your circumstances! The change must first come from within you, however, and this is done by choosing to feel now what you desire of the future.

The easiest way to make the "switch" to a positive attracting force in your life is to use the power of gratitude. Simply make a list of all of the things you love most, and think of them with a thankful heart. Be aware of your feelings while doing this, the whole point is to feel great! Think about everything you are most grateful for and experience within yourself the feelings that make you love them so much. Imagine having the things you desire most and capture the joyful feelings of that success. It does not matter HOW you will get them, it does not even matter if your dream is "realistic" in the least. All that matters is how you feel at any given point in time, because this is exactly what you are attracting through the law of attraction! And you will begin to see more things to feel grateful for spring up into your life. You will become aware of opportunities where only limitation used to exist. You will discover new ideas to replace old doubts. You will find ambition and drive occupying the void of boredom and fatigue. And you will DO what you never would have imagined from your old negative mind-set, and BECOME the person you always wished you could be.

The law of attraction works. Whether you refer to it as an external force of nature, coincidence, divine intervention, will, or blind luck does not matter. The tools for success apply in all applications of them, regardless as to the brand being used. And the power of our minds operate within the framework of the principles of attraction as well. The bottom line is that whatever you feel is what life will bring more of to you. Feel bad and that is all you will see, attract, and experience more of. Feel good and you will be amazed at how much good is really out there, waiting to fill all of our lives up. What is there to lose from the adoption of this concept? A bad mood?

There is no force or person keeping track of how bad people feel. No system which gives abundance to those who work the hardest at feeling terrible about what they have. The ONLY force that will grant you success is the same force most people use to stifle their progress! This force is the power of the mind, and your conscious control over it. Take command of this limitless power and stop reacting to life as it comes to you. Your life will only ever be as great and full of happiness as you make it. And this choice is as simple as deciding to smile and say "thank you" for the blessings all around you. Find your "happy thoughts" today and they will lift you up towards the realization of your every dream tomorrow!

The law of attraction is yours to command! Click the link below and learn all there is to know about the limitless power within you, and how to attract whatever you want most in life!

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