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The Best Ways To Attract Women And Find The Girl Of Your Dreams

February 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 160

Attraction between a girl and a boy is natural, however attracting a girl is not as easy for boys as it looks in movies, attracting a girl and finding the girl of your dreams is an art and for that boys really need to have the skill of attracting a girl and drawing her attention towards you.The most important thing is that one should be confident about oneself however not boast about ones accomplishments and achievements, the confidence should be quiet and should have the sense of security in him. One should also be confident about ones look and physical appearance, if you feel that you are ugly then the other person would automatically consider you an ugly person therefore confidence and appreciation of oneself is most important to attract women.

It is also very important to show respect to women, if women are respected and are not given that feeling of inferiority by men it is only then that women become attracted, if you make women feel that they are not equal then they will be repelled from you and will never be attracted to those men. Women also require attention from men; they want and admire men who give them attention to every particular aspect of them, their beautiful looks, clothes, their abilities and achievements. However, they like true appreciation and not false compliments as they very well know when men are lying and when they are not. You should never make a woman feel bad about herself always comfort and appreciate her.

A good sense of humor is what women really appreciate; they like to laugh and feel good and want to be away from the tensions of life. Women are emotionally very weak and if they are emotionally taken over they are fully attracted to you, an emotional support is their need and if that need is fulfilled you do not need to attract them in any other way. Women require support like making them feel good about themselves you should talk about their strengths and good points.One thing to keep in mind is that you should never criticize women as they don't like to discuss their weaknesses and don't like to be criticized so to attract a women never talk about the flaws in her and be smart don't be too honest with them as it will act a repelling factor.

Women also want someone who can hear them and give them time, they need your time and want you to hear to their stories and problems and want you to say that they are right and help them in their problems if you do that attracting a girl would be no problem at all.It is also very important to dress up decently to attract women, as dress is an important part of your personality it is very important to dress up intelligently in front of women.If you are shabbily dressed then women will never be attracted to you and if you are dressed too formally on an informal occasion or too informally on a formal occasion then you will never be able to grab a woman's attention.

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