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Manifest Money And All The Wealth You Desire

April 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 159

Can you use the law of attraction to manifest money? Absolutely! In fact, I would venture a guess that 99.9% of everyone that discovers the law of attraction did so out of their inherit desire to manifest money into their lives. This is not so because money itself is the most important aspect of life. It is because the lack of money is the most commonly used excuse for not living the life we want. As stated throughout this site, it takes a high degree of awareness to fully use and direct the power of the law of attraction. This is true whether you want to manifest money or a cup of coffee. The difference is the cup of coffee is so easily accessible and readily available to us that we are preset mentally to receive it. You've surely had a hundred cups of coffee so why should there be any reason you could not produce one now, right? Where as for the majority of people out there, to manifest money is not so easy, or so it seems.

The truth is that everything is thought. Before anything is created or experienced there first must be a thought. Thoughts lead to feelings and feelings become moods, habitual emotions or responses, and finally thoughts solidify themselves in your subconscious as "beliefs". Beliefs can be learned, programmed, and altered over time through exposure and repetition. It takes a lot of work to re-program your sub-conscious but it can be done and works wonders when done successfully. The subconscious is quite simply the most powerful operating system on the planet and is your direct link to the universe. The subconscious(among other things) is responsible for sending out the signals or "requests" that it receives from you out into the universe, which in turn, gives you exactly what you want! Your mind is a manifestation machine and it runs on beliefs.

Think of your current situation. What beliefs about money were you raised with? The people around you, family, friends, co-workers, all have similar if not identical mind-sets and views about money. As well as their capacity for gaining more money, and their feelings towards those who have money. What does this tell you? It simply highlights the fact that for better or worse you are operating on a sub-conscious belief system about money which has been inadequate! Furthermore, you have naturally attracted around you a complete network of people who unknowingly are reinforcing these limiting beliefs for you. Thus leaving you desiring more. Which is good because desire must be present first if you are to manifest anything, and to manifest money is no exception! This does not mean that your friends and family are your enemies to be avoided at all costs. It just means that you have never been aware of the fact that the result of your limited financial situation is a result of your limited financial belief system. Because you have been born, raised, and are currently surrounded by it!

So, to be clear, it is entirely possible to manifest money. Actually, it is not even that hard at all(it is more difficult deciding what you want most in life!). However, to manifest money requires that you first identify and change your limiting beliefs about money. Why? Because wealth, joy, happiness, health, safety, excitement, all of these feelings are born in your mind as thoughts and "ideas" first and foremost! Because if you can't feel love for wealth now you will never feel it later. Because if all you feel is helpless inadequacy about being broke all the time, then that is all you are attracting! If you really want to manifest money, this is step one; Be patient, learn and study the law of attraction, and above all, BELIEVE.

To manifest anything, money included, is to have a desire for it. Which obviously means there is a lack of something, money in this case. As a student of the law of attraction, the immediate action you need to take is to identify any and all negative feelings you are harboring towards money, and stop it! You must understand and accept the fact that your present circumstances and financial duress is a direct result of your conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings regarding money! If you lack credit or cash then stop thinking of the lack. If you want something expensive like a new car or dress then stop the immediate, reactionary, emotional *sigh*, and negative feeling of NOT having enough money for it. When you react emotionally in this way you are sending a clear and powerful signal to the universe to give you just that...not enough. It is really that simple. You get back everything you send out. Give out negative feelings about money and that's what you will attract back to you. Like attracts like.

The beauty of this law is that it works both ways. The universe is intended to work for you without fail. As easy as it is to feel negatively about money, with a little practice, you can feel the opposite. As the parachuting cyclist feels the rush of free-falling off a cliff in his mind before actually doing it. So must you learn to feel the emotions attached to having the money you desire now BEFORE you have it. The thought must exist first and if it's a positive thought you are trying to manifest than you must feel the positivity in it for it to blossom. It is easy to feel the negativity associated with thoughts of what you don't want, right? People do it everyday and never consider that they are misusing the most powerful universal tool of all time against themselves. The power of feelings.

What you feel is real and will manifest in the future as such. If you "need" money it is only because you have felt that need more than the feelings of abundance and wealth you desire. Practice feeling thankful for the money you do have no matter how small it may be currently. Practice feeling wealthy all the time and see what miracles fall into your lap!

Finally, it is important for you to know exactly what you want most in life. This sounds easy but proves difficult for most. This is so because most people stop believing they CAN do, or have, or experience whatever they want in life as they grow older. As a child it is easy to daydream about adventures and who we will be, do, and meet, and all the wonderful things we will have. We sacrifice this freedom of imagination and feeling of love for our desires to the Gods of responsibility, ignorance, laziness, and fear. This is a tragedy to the human race. In this lost ability lies the salvation of every hope, dream, and desire most individuals declare dead before they've even given themselves a chance to succeed! For it is in the youthful exuberance of a child's imagination that the manifesting power of thoughts exist.

Sit down with a pad and pen and list everything that you want. All the material things, physical attributes, adventures, and relationships. You may spend days listing them all! Then go through each one and think about them thoroughly. Feel how wonderful they make you feel and rate them 1-10(10 being strongest) on emotional strength. Re-order your list highest to lowest. Then go through your 10's and put them in order of what you want most. Again, take your time and really feel the emotions as though they are real right now. Use any belief reinforcing techniques that you can come up with. Keep doing this until you have discovered your number one top desire over all others. Mentally feel how thankful you are for having this desire now. It should be clear now what it is you want most in life. Congratulations! The majority of people in life never find this out!

Wanna know a secret? Typically, the top desire is almost never money, and here's why. If you are thinking of money as your top desire you are fooling yourself, because money is paper, ultimately. If all you had in the world was all of the money under the sun and nothing else you would have nothing but the kindling to an enormous bonfire! It is the feelings that money can buy that you are thinking of when you think of wanting money. You want the "option" to buy any vehicle, house, jewelry, or "thing" that you want. You want to feel exclusive, important, successful, proud, powerful, safe, and financially secure. All of these feelings money can bring. Yet it is useless to attempt to manifest money without feeling these emotions. It is far more effective to think of the greatest desire you have AS IF money were not a factor. In this way you are honestly attracting your deepest desires in harmony with the law of attraction. If money is needed for you to have what you want, then the universe will find a way to manifest money for you. Money is a tool available to all who have the courage to dream and fuel those dreams with the love of an over-imaginative child. It will find a way to you and you will manifest money as a means, rather than a necessity.

If you want to manifest money. Think of abundance and feel thankful for all the money you have. Dare to dream and OWN your desires in your mind as though you have access to all the money in the world. And in doing so you will indirectly manifest money into your life. Stop thinking of what you DON'T have! Instead, build the habit of feeling grateful for what you DO have. Manifest money by feeling the love and gratefulness you would feel WITH all the money you want as though you already have it now!

Lastly, if money really is your top desire, put a number on it. Don't just say "I want to manifest money". Rather, be specific, say I want to manifest $32,000,000 dollars! To manifest money, or anything for that matter, is to order it from the universe. You don't order "food" when you go through a drive-through. You order exactly what you want and you get what you pay for, every time.

To manifest money is to manifest your desires. When you realize just how simple the process really is, it is like holding the energy of life itself, in the palm of your hand.

The law of attraction is yours to command! Click the link below and learn all there is to know about the limitless power within you, and how to attract whatever you want most in life!

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