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Law of Attraction Tips and Tricks

April 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 166

The law of attraction works whether you believe in it or not. It's not cast in tablets of stone in the way that, say, gravity is but it's pretty close. The problem comes when you think it's not working because your focus isn't where you think it is. If your real focus is on lack, that's what the law of attraction will deliver for you. So here are some tips and tricks to get it working in your favor.

Start small

Yes, I know you really want that mansion with moorings for your private yacht. That can come with time. But to kickstart your manifestation process, start with attracting something relatively small. This will start to prove to your subconscious that this process actually works and will help to bring it onside.

So pick a slightly odd but definitely achievable thing to attract. Maybe a "sighting" of 2 shocking pink color cars in the next 24 hours. Unless the pink car rally is going through your town today, that may seem unlikely. But when you focus on it you'll find that suddenly you actually begin to notice these bubblegum color vehicles.

Keep at it

It's all too easy to give up at the first sign of something not working. If you'd done that in early life, you'd still be crawling around on all fours. A lot of dieters have this issue - the first time they lapse, that's it, the diet is over. Don't fall into this trap with the law of attraction. You likely won't get a 100% win rate - no-one does in real life - but that doesn't matter. Keep aiming at your dreams and desires and you'll begin to find that a majority of them will come to pass.

Prepare to change course

Sometimes you'll pick a law of attraction goal that just never seems to happen. Since everything happens for a reason this probably means that you're just not ready for it at the moment. Take the time to adjust and change course if necessary.

One reason this happens is that our minds can take time to adjust. The leap of faith from low rent apartment to luxury ranch is just too much and our brains automatically move the expectation down. Some of this is our own protection mechanism kicking in. Our mind doesn't want to experience the potential hurt that could come about if the massive target isn't reached so it automatically applies a downgrade.

If that's happening to you too often, dissect your law of attraction goals and go for some intermediate targets on your way.

Watch your words

The law of attraction is very literal. It can't easily cope with negatives (like the word "can't" just now). So it takes the lazy route and almost always simply lops out the negative words. That means that you have to be careful that what you are seeking to manifest truly is what you thought it was.

Go through your law of attraction requests and thoughts with a fine toothcomb and check whether they make sense with any negative words deleted.

Check out these law of attraction tips and take a look at how to manifest money and other goodies into your life.

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