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Law of Attraction Certification - Accepting Yourself

February 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 153

The only law of attraction certification program you will ever need is your own belief in YOURSELF. When you have achieved this in your life, you won't need another persons brand, logo, award, trophy, t-shirt, slogan, or certificate. You will be a force unto yourself, working FOR yourself, and you will know how to get all that you want in life. There is no person or "program" which can make you believe in yourself. The best the world can offer you is WISDOM, but it is your choices that determine the worth of this gift. Learning and understanding are not the same. One requires attention and an open mind. While the other mandates dedication, perseverance, resiliency, reflection, honesty, courage, and faith. Knowing what you want is a good first step, because it shows you the direction towards your goals. Finding gratitude within your life is even better, because this is the path that will take you to them. But if you don't BELIEVE, you won't have the courage to take more than a few stumbling steps, let alone the strength to pick yourself up after you fall. This is the root of failure. And we've all eaten from this tree in our lives. Believe in yourself and not only will you succeed, there will be nothing that can stop you!

Gaining a law of attraction certification stamp is meaningless if you don't understand yourself. How you choose to use your mind is the ultimate "seal of approval" you can obtain. No badge on Earth can offer you proof of thought or perspective. What you feel inside is the only indicator there is in life that what you are focusing on is what YOU want! This luxury simply cannot be bought. While following a program of well thought out and practically applied techniques is useful for fostering the skills needed. Beyond this mental "training" of new concepts, the effectiveness of your efforts is determined wholly by how well you use them. I cannot see the emotions in another person's heart and tell them with certainty exactly what they are feeling, and simultaneously attracting as a result. Nor can any other person on this planet. Therefore the only person who can legitimately hand-out a law of attraction certification letter is you, to yourself only!

When you understand the law of attraction, accept responsibility for your own minds influence in your reality, forgive yourself and others, discover what you want and who you are, and choose to focus on what you love with gratitude in all things, then you will have discovered the recipe for SUCCESS. Then you will be able to look within your own mind and judge yourself, day by day, moment by moment, whether or not you are using the law of attraction in your life. This inner "knowing" is the only certification you need! Faith is the father of greatness, both great happiness and great sorrow. The magnitude experienced is equal to faith's presence in your life. And the guidance of your mental focus.

Assurance is often sought but seldom earned. For some, validation is needed before commitment is secured. Seeking the "proof" of truth, by example, is the quickest way to garner reliance of a new idea within an established belief system. The testimony of experience resolves the issue of doubt in the hungry mind. But it is the reliance upon empty promises and cheap awards which stifles the true nature of accomplishment. Do not fear the effect of an idea which causes a stirring of hope within you. Do not seek the biggest names and brightest stars to guide you merely because they are present. Many are lured by these attractive shortcuts into becoming "success puppets", knowing nothing of themselves, and with no bearing beyond the limited box of awareness purchased. The only law of attraction certification that will work is the one that you complete within yourself.

You cannot buy the law of attraction into your life. It is already in your life! You cannot purchase the thoughts and feelings which will manifest your dreams into reality. You CAN learn how to use the power of your mind, however, and let your future success be the only law of attraction certification proof you will ever need!

The law of attraction is yours to command! Click the link below and learn all there is to know about the limitless power within you, and how to attract whatever you want most in life!

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